Duration: June 2017 to December 2019

Project partner: Fachhochschule des Mittelstands, DONALD-Study of the University Bonn

Funding: Erna-Graff-Foundation for Animal Welfare

Principal Investigators: Dr. Markus Keller, Dr. habil. Ute Alexy

Study design

In the VeChi-Diet study, 430 vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous children aged 1-3 years were examined throughout Germany. A questionnaire and a 3-day weighed dietary record were used to record anthropometric data as well as the children’s eating habits and nutrient intake.


Weder S, Hoffmann M, Becker K, Alexy U, Keller M (2019): Energy, Macronutrient Intake, and Anthropometrics of Vegetarian, Vegan, and Omnivorous Children (1-3 years) in Germany (VeChi Diet Study). Nutrients 11 (4), 832.

Weder S, Keller M, Fischer M, Becker K, Alexy U (2022): Intake of micronutrients and fatty acids of vegetarian, vegan, and omnivorous children (1-3 years) in Germany (VeChi Diet study). Eur J Nutr 61 (3), 1507-1520.

Weder S, Zerback EH, Wagener SM, Koeder C, Fischer M, Alexy U, Keller M (2023): How does selenium intake differ among children (1-3 Years) on vegetarian, vegan, and omnivorous diets? Results of the VeChi Diet study. Nutrients 15 (1), 34. doi: 10.3390/nu15010034.