The Research Institute for Plant-Based Nutrition

The Research Institute for Plant-based Nutrition, IFPE for short, is a private research and consultancy institute. The IFPE fulfils its role as a competent partner for organizations, companies, (regional) authorities and specialists. The employees of the institute, in particular Dr. Markus Keller and Prof. Dr. Claus Leitzmann, are popular experts in the media.

The IFPE focuses primarily on the research and scientific evaluation of plant-based diets, both from a nutritional science and nutritional ecology perspective. With its work, the IFPE aims to contribute to the distribution of a plant-based, sustainable diet in society.

The IFPE has existed in its current form since mid-2020 and emerged from the Institute for Alternative and Sustainable Nutrition (Ifane). It has the legal form of a non-profit limited liability company and its founding partners are Dr. Markus Keller, Prof. Dr. Andreas Michalsen and Prof. Dr. Jan Wirsam. The mentor of the institute is Prof. Dr. Claus Leitzmann.

The IFPE is financed by project funds, services and donations. As a non-profit limited company, the IFPE serves exclusively charitable purposes.

The statutory objectives include, among other things, the promotion of:

  • science and research,
  • the public health system,
  • education and vocational training,
  • animal welfare,
  • consumer advice and consumer protection.

The purpose of the statutes is realized in particular by e.g:

  • implementation of scientific research projects regarding plant-based nutrition,
  • 100% animal-free research,
  • publication of scientific research results,
  • education and training on plant-based nutrition (own educational programs, educational programs in cooperation with other educational institutions, teaching activities at universities, etc.),
  • consulting services (e.g. public and private corporations, politics).