The Trend Report Nutrition 2023 by Nutrition-Hub in cooperation with the Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE) presents the 10 most important nutrition trends. To this end, 170 experts from the nutrition sector were surveyed. Dr. Markus Keller and Tim Ritzheim from IFPE were also included.

The experts rate a sustainable and climate-friendly diet and a plant-based diet (flexitarian) as the top developments:

  1. Climate-friendly & sustainable nutrition
  2. Plant-based diet
  3. Digital nutritional therapy
  4. Convenience food and healthy food to go
  5. Personalized nutrition
  6. Nutrition for the gut
  7. Awareness of healthy eating
  8. Mindful eating
  9. Vegan diet
  10. Alcohol substitutes

More information here (German website).

Image: © Tabea Mathern