The debate about the optimal protein intake has become a real trend in recent years and, although it is highly polarizing, there are still many uncertainties. In a panel of experts for NutritionHub, the current protein supply of the population was discussed in relation to the five different lifestyle situations of sport, women’s health, prevention, nutrition in older people and plant-based nutrition, and whether a higher protein intake is necessary or possibly even harmful. The experts explained the reasons for the recommended intake and what should be considered when implementing it. They agreed that a sufficient protein intake combined with regular physical activity is important for our health. With regards to plant-based nutrition, Dr. Markus Keller explained which specific intake recommendations are useful for vegetarians and vegans and why the general reference values of the DGE for protein intake may not be sufficient to meet the needs of this group. In addition, the protein quality of plant-based foods and their impact on protein supply were discussed.

The paper (in German) can be downloaded here.