The first scientific article on the VEGANScreener project has just been published, describing the development of the screening tool. The VEGANScreener is designed to assess the dietary quality of vegans in Europe. The development process can be divided into three steps: a narrative literature review, the evaluation of the evidence by an expert panel and the subsequent implementation of the data in a nutritional screening tool. The integration of expert knowledge from the fields of nutrition, epidemiology and preventive medicine was achieved using a modified form of the Delphi method, in which the experts were able to provide feedback on a pool of question elements in several rounds. The VEGANScreener that emerged from the process is now being tested in a validation study in five European countries. The screening tool will be validated using reference methods for nutritional assessment and nutrition-related biomarkers, and its acceptance among vegans and healthcare professionals will be tested.

The article was published in: Nutrients 2024, 16 (9), 1344 Click here for the article.