Duration: 2011 – 2012

Project partner: Vegetarierbund Deutschland e.V.              

Funding: Logocos Naturkosmetik AGVegetarierbund Deutschland e.V.

Principle Investigator: Beatrice Redemann, Dr. Markus Keller

Study design

This pilot study investigated whether a vitamin B12-enriched toothpaste can improve the vitamin B12 status of vegetarians and vegans when used regularly. At the beginning of the study, the vitamin B12 status of 127 participants was determined using blood tests. The parameters measured were serum vitamin B12, holo-transcobalamin and homocysteine. The participants with values within the normal range were randomly allocated to two groups, one of which received the test toothpaste (verum group) and the other a placebo toothpaste (placebo group). After the participants had used exclusively the test toothpaste or the placebo toothpaste for five weeks, blood samples were taken a second time. Both blood tests – before and after the intervention – could be analyzed and evaluated from 101 participants.

Keller M, Redemann B, Schumann L et al. (2013): Vitamin B12 status of German vegans and vegetarians. Poster; 6th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition, Loma Linda (USA)