Duration: 2017-2019

Principal Investigator: B. Sc. Jana Muthny

Study design

Little is known about the current dietary habits of vegans in Germany. Therefore, in this cross-sectional study the eating habits of 62 vegans (duration of vegan diet at least one year) in the area around Giessen were examined. Food consumption was recorded using a 3-day estimated dietary record and socio-demographic, anthropometric and health-related data were determined using an online questionnaire. The consumption of the various food groups was calculated based on the data provided in the estimated dietary records and compared with the recommendations of the Giessen vegan food pyramid.


Muthny J, Weder S, Keller M (2019): Eine Untersuchung des Ernährungsverhaltens von vegan lebenden Erwachsenen aus dem Großraum Gießen, Hessen. In: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung e.V. (Hrsg.): Abstractband zum 56. Wissenschaftlichen Kongress. Proc Germ Nutr Soc 25 (2019)