We have produced a brochure on the subject of “Nachhaltige Ernährung” for the district of Neu-Ulm. As a research institute for plant-based nutrition, the ecological aspect of nutrition is an important concern for us and therefore a crucial part of our work. In addition to explaining what sustainable nutrition actually is, the brochure presents scientific findings and uses seven steps and practical tips to explain how it can be implemented in everyday life.

Seven steps towards a sustainable nutrition:

  1. Enjoy plant diversity
  2. Better with organic food
  3. Regional & seasonal – know where it comes from
  4. Freshly cooked and minimally processed
  5. Fairness is key
  6. Food – too good to throw away
  7. Climate-friendly housekeeping

Here you can download the German brochure.

In addition to the brochure, we also created a video series on the topic of “Nachhaltige Ernährung” on the Neu-Ulm district YouTube channel. The videos are in German.