The VEGANScrener study (Germany) is part of the international VEGANScreener project which in turn is part of the European program initiative “A healthy diet for a healthy life” (JPI HDHL). The project aims to utilize a short questionnaire (dubbed “VEGANScreener”) to assess the dietary quality of vegan diets in five countries (Germany, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic, and Switzerland). While screening tools for assessing dietary quality among individuals of the general population already exist, a specific screening tool for vegan diets is still lacking. The screener is intended to enable early detection of nutritional risks and to provide a basis for assessing how healthy an individual’s vegan diet is.

As part of the study, participants keep a 4-day weighed dietary protocol and complete several online questionnaires on dietary intake, lifestyle behavior and health. Participants will be invited to our study center in Bad Homburg (near Frankfurt) for a physical examination to provide blood, urine, and saliva samples, and to fill out the VEGANScreener questionnaire on location. Participants will need to collect the containers for the urine samples by visiting the study center before the day of the examination. After successful participation, all participants will receive their laboratory results.

Participation requirements:

Volunteer subjects between 18 and 65 years of age who have consistently been on a vegan or on an omnivorous diet for at least 2 years

Exclusion criteria:

Pregnancy or breastfeeding
Diagnosis of health conditions that affect metabolism (e.g., diabetes, cancer, chronic pancreatitis, chronic intestinal disease, thyroid disease, or other conditions that affect intestinal nutrient absorption)
BMI > 30 kg/m2

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Your VEGANScreener study team (Germany)