We are delighted that the IFPE YouTube channel has reached 3,000 subscribers as of this month! We would like to thank you very much for this, because the increasing popularity is a nice confirmation of our work. On our channel, Dr. Markus Keller provides information on a wide range of topics relating to plant-based, vegetarian/vegan and sustainable nutrition. Since the channel was launched in 2022, it has been providing scientifically sound answers to current questions and highlighting different aspects of the various topics in an understandable way. A central point is the clarification of half-knowledge or nutritional myths in order to dispel any uncertainties regarding plant-based nutrition. In addition to basic knowledge and new research findings, the wide-ranging knowledge transfer also includes interviews with well-known experts and personalities from the nutrition and food sector such as Prof. Dr. Walter Willet, Prof. Dr. Hannelore Daniel and Klaus Gaiser (Topas). The YouTube channel “Dr. Markus Keller (IFPE)” can be accessed here.